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      Magnetic Glass Boards

      Magnetic Glass Boards Magnetic Glass Boards

      With write on/wipe off function

      The magnetic glass board is the modern version of a whiteboard. It has the same features, and is at the same time a decorative element. You can write on the board with a chalk marker or with a regular whiteboard marker. Once the text has dried, you can easily wipe the board clean with a chalkboard eraser, or a dry cloth. You can also stick various accessories onto the board with super strong magnets. Magnetic glass boards are available in seven different sizes and in a variety of colours. Magnetic glass boards are already being used in education, in healthcare, in corporate environments and by government.


      MaterialTempered/Toughened glass
      Glass typeetched/frosted, clear, low-iron, tinted/colored
      Back magnetic sheetgalvanized steel
      Wall Mounting kitsmetal with wall mounting brackets
      Patternany custom design logo can be silkscreened on
      Colorvarious colors to choose
      AccessoriesMarkers, Magnet, installation screws and dowels, pen holer


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