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      Tempered Glass with Heat Soak Test

      Tempered Glass with Heat Soak Test Tempered Glass with Heat Soak Test

      What is it?

      The Heat Soak is a destructive treatment which heats the glass for several hours at about 280℃ to speed up the a-Nis to B-Nis transformation and consequently forces the contaminated glasses broken within the oven. 

      Heat soak glass tempered is appropriate where there is a risk of human impact. It maximum reduces spontaneous breakage of tempered glass.

      If breakage does occur, the breakage pattern is such that the resultant pieces of glass are relatively harmless and are unlikely to cause severe injury.


      The use of heat-soaked tempered glass is recommended where the risk of spontaneous breakage would cause difficulty, either from a replacement point of view, or where falling glass fragments may be unsuitable, such as roof or high level glazing, balustrades, screens and high level curtain walling.

      All tempered glass should undergo heat soak test in some circumstances to reduce self-exploring.


      Glass thickness: 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm 

      Colors: Clear, Low iron, Blue, Green, Gray, Reflective glass, Low e glass..

      Heat Soak Size:

      Max. Size:98’’x236’’(2500x6000mm)

      Min. Size: 12’’x12’’(300x300mm)


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