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      Table top glass

      Table top glass Table top glass

      Table top glass also called glass table tops,glass Tabletops. It include dinner table glass, round tempered glass tabletop, coffee table, round Glass dining, coffee table top glass. That is processed precisely according to the drawings, very small tolerance and good shape. 


      ItemCoffee Table Top Glass
      Thickness Range3mm-19mm
      Max Diameter1800mm
      Min Diameter360mm
      Colorclear, ultra clear, frost&acid, black, grey, brown, silk-screen printed etc. Custom designs are available
      Surface coatingTempered, acid etched, silk screen printing
      BevelUp to 1.5&"
      shapeRectangle/square/round/circle/Triangle shinny perfect polished edges that can be round pencil edge, etc.
      ApplicationsDining table, Coffee table, Patio table, Conference table, Sofa table, end tables and nightstands etc.

      Edge Features:

      We have Different edge works available: seamed edge, flat polish edge, pencil polish edge, beveled polishedge and ogee polish edge. It depends on customer requirement.

      Seamed Edge: After the glass tabletop is cut, the sharp edges are sanded to a dull surface to make the glass tabletop safety to handle.

      Flat Polish Edge: The glass tabletop edge have been polished to a smooth shiny finish.

      Pencil Polish Edge: Popular with circle or oval shapes, this side edge is rounded for a softer look.

      Beveled Polish Edge: The edges of the table are cut and polished at an angle with a specific bevel width. This process made the glass tabletop thinner around the edges and thicker in the center. The bevel width around the tabletops can range in size from 1/4" to 1 3/4".


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