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      Silk Screen Printing Glass, Sandblasted Glass, Silkscreen Printed Glass

      What is it?

      Sandblasted Glass is formed by spraying the mixture of water and emery on the glass surface with high pressure in order to grind the glass surface into hazy effect. It also can be customized any pattern which the customer likes. So it’s very popular with ever field from small cup to big glass wall.

      Performance Features

      - Patterns can be customized;

      - Well protected privacy;

      - Making the light soften;

      - Long pattern durability;

      - Fingerless high quality.


      Sandblasted Glass is widely used in interior partition, decoration, screen, shower room, furniture and so on.

      - Window and door;   

      - Shower cubicles/screens;

      - Hallway;

      - Furniture applications;

      - Partitions (dining room, living room, bathroom, sauna room, kitchens etc.

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