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    Reflective Glass, Laminated Reflective Glass

    What is it?

    Reflective glass is coated by horizontal magnetically controlled high rate sputtering. It can effectively control the transmission of visible light and low infrared.

    Reflective glass has the higher reflecting power against the sunlight with the reflection ratio up to 20%~40%, so it can save the energy consumption of the indoor air-conditioners and at the same time it has good shading property, so it makes the indoor light a little softer and more pleasant.


    1) High visible light transmitting rate, low reflecting rate, low radiating rate (e < 0.1).

    2) Avoid the light pollution and build good ecological environment. 

    3) Control solar energy radiation effectively, block far infrared radiation, save expenses of air conditioners in summer, save heating expenses in winter, have good effect of heat preservation and energy saving. 

    4) It can be cut, bent, tempered, heat strengthened and laminated without affecting the coating.

    5) It can reduce UV transmittance and prevent furniture from fading

    6) It can add aesthetic senses to building appearance

    7) With good shading coefficient and with visible energy efficient effect

    Download Reflective glass performance data sheet (PDF file)

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