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      Soft Coated Low E Glass

      Soft Coated Low E Glass Soft Coated Low E Glass

      What is it?

      Off-line soft LOW-E Coated Glass is a highly efficient energy saving product obtained through the use of the Magnetron Sputter Vacuum Deposition (MSVD) method where multiple layers of metal or nonmetal coats are applied on the surface of a top quality float glass substrate.

      Due to the high efficiency and energy saving effect, it is very popular in home appliance and construction industries. But it cannot be used single chip, or LOW E will be oxidized .Should be used in hollow, laminated glass.

      There are three types: single sliver Low E coated, double sliver Low E coated and triple sliver Low E coated.

      They have different transmittance and U value of energy conservation and reflection color also has a variety of optional, such as blue, neutral, green, gold, purple, etc., according to the customer request, we are willing to provide different energy saving glass solution.


      High energy saving

      Filters glittering sunlight

      Adding aesthetic senses to building appearance and home appliance 


      External use of windows, doors, shopfronts in offices, houses, shops, electrical appliance etc.

      Interior glass screens etc.Shop display windows, electronic appliance like freezer, etc.



      Max size: 3600x18000mm

      Normal size: 2140x1650mm, 2440x1830mm,


      Quality Standard:

      In accordance with EN1096-1 European standard

      In accordance with GB/T18915.2-2002 national industry standard of Coated Class Part II: Low-emissivity Coated Glass

      In accordance with UK BS6206:1981/US ANSIZ97.1E standard

      In accordance with AUSTRAILIA AS/NIS 2208-1996

      Download Low e glass performance data sheet (PDF file)


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