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      LOW -E Coated GLASS

      LOW -E Coated GLASS LOW -E Coated GLASS

      What is it?

      Low -E Glass, full name Low–Emissivity Coated Glass ,is a member of the coated glass family coated with one or more layers of metal or compound films on the quality float glass by using magnetic sputtering method. It has low thermal conductivity and high light transmittance, ensuring visible light transmittance and reducing light pollution based on prevention of heat losses. LOW-E Glass is widely used in large-sized curtain wall and decorations because of its luxury, comfortable and energy saving features. By way of production, low e glass has on line hard coated low e and offline soft coated low e; by performance, there is single silver low e, double silver low e and triple silver low e glass.


      Reduction of Heat Loss in winter, Reduced Heat Gain in summer

      Combines higher daylight transmittance, Reduction of UV Rays

      Heat-treatable without color shift

      Stable performance in thermal processing

      Stable mechanical performance for solid coat, high abrasion and scratch resistance

      When processed into Insulated Glass, it is not necessary to clean up edge


      Office buildings, hospitals, hotels, houses and buildings.For use in airport control towers, train windows, skylight, curtain wall, high buildings, glass door and window, glass balustrade, freezer and other electronic appliance etc.


      Thickness:3mm, mm, 5mm, 6mm,10mm,12mm,19mm

      Normal Size: 2140*1650, 2440*1830mm, 2134/2140*3660mm, 2250*3300mmetc

      Color: Clear, Blue, Grey, Green, Silver etc.

      Coating type: online & offline Low-e glass 

      Natural Lighting: The transmission of visual light is almost 90%

      Surface: Smooth and flat surface and good vision

      Edge: Flat edge, grind edge, fine polished edge, and bevel led edge and others

      Comer: Natural comer, grind comer, round comer with fine polished

      Holes: Drill work available at customer’s option

      Quality Standard:

      In accordance with EN1096-1 European standard

      In accordance with GB/T18915.2-2002 national industry standard of Coated Class Part II: Low-emissivity Coated Glass

      In accordance with UK BS6206:1981/US ANSIZ97.1E standard

      In accordance with AUSTRAILIA AS/NIS 2208-1996

      Performance of Low e 

      Download Low e glass performance data sheet (PDF file)


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