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      Insulated Laminated Glass

      Insulated Laminated Glass Insulated Laminated Glass

      What is it?

      Insulated laminated glass is one type of insulated glass; it is consists of insulated glass and laminated glass, Insulating glass units improve the thermal performance of glazing by providing a thermal break – two lites of glass separated by a sealed air space.

      These key properties enable insulating glass to meet two very different requirements—keeping heat in during winter and keeping heat out during summer.

      Insulated laminated glass widely used in curtain wall. It is have high strength, anti-UV, heat-insulation, sound-insulation characteristics. 


      Saves on heating and cooling by reducing air-to-air heat transfer. 

      Increases personal comfort and aids in energy conservation. 

      Reduces sound transmission. 

      Increases strength to withstand wind loads.


      The insulated laminated glass is suitable for commercial and residential glazing etc.


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