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      Curved Laminated Glass

      Curved Laminated Glass Curved Laminated Glass

      What is it?

      Curved laminated glass is produced by permanently bonding too pieces of glass together with an interlayer. The interlay acts to hold the glass together in the event of a breakage. Curved laminated glass can be made up of any combination of glass types. Curved laminated glass is custom made for each project and as such can be produced to meet a variety of designs;

      laminated glass


      Product NameCurved Laminated Glass
      Glass thicknessCustomized
      SizeMax. Size3600mm *1800mm
      Min. Size200mm * 300mm
      RadiusUpon your request, over 450mm, otherwise hot curving process is needed
      ColorNeutral, light blue, ford blue, dark blue, ocean blue, light gray, blue gray, light green, dark green, gold, bronze, etc
      Film typeNormal PVB, Dupond Sentry Glass Plus (SGP), DG41 from Saflex...
      shapeFlat or curved, convex or concaved
      Quality StandardChinese standard
      EN 12150, European Standard
      ASTM C1038, American standard
      Glass AvailableLow e tempered laminated glass, reflective tempered laminated glass, low iron tempered laminated glass


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