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      Low e Laminated Glass

      Low e Laminated Glass Low e Laminated Glass

      Low e laminated glass is made of one or more sheets of low e glass laminated with clear or PPG Starphire low iron glass by interlayer, which can be normal PVB, or high performance structural film, for instance Sentry Glass Plus (SGP) from DuPont or DG41 from Saflex.


      Widely used for buildings or boat, automobile etc.

      Available Low e glass:

      From PPG Guardian AGC Saint Gobain top world brands or local good brands that please refer to “Low e glass” performance sheet.

      Type of Low e:

      Single silver low e laminated, Double silver low e laminated, Triple silver low e laminated (need to be inside of insulated glass units)

      Glass Shapes:

      Flat or curved, convex or concaved


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