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      Low E Insulated Glass

      Low E Insulated Glass Low E Insulated Glass

      What is it?

      Low E Insulated Glass is also called low emissivity coated glass/ insulated low e glass/ low e window glass/ low e building glass/ low e double glazing glass/ low e IGU and so on. It is combined by two or more tempered/float glass sheets and one or more sheets of them with Low E coating to save energy. The low e coating of the Low E double glazing glass can be single silver Low E, double silver Low-E, triple silver Low E which have different performance and colors. For more information, please consult our sales engineer to get our data sheet and samples.


      Performance Features

      - Choose Low E according to your parameter;

      - Low U value (K value) and SC;

      - Different colors available;

      - PPG Guardian AGC Saint Gobain Low e glass available;

      - Strong soundproof;

      - Keep warm or cold, energy conversation.


      - Building wall;

      - Outer curtain wall;

      - Hotel, hospital, shop mall windows;

      - Electronic appliance, like freezer low e insulated glass etc.


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