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      Curved Insulated Glass

      Curved Insulated Glass Curved Insulated Glass

      What is it?

      Curved Insulated Glass is also called bent insulated glass/ curved insulating glass/ bent double glazing glass/ curved IGU/ bent IGU/ curved hollow glass/ bent hollow glass. It is made of two or more curved glass sheets and insulated upon customer requested radius. Small radius curved tempered glass or jumbo large size curved toughened glass is available. Please consult our sales engineer to develop solution and quote for you.

      Performance Features

      - Strong soundproof;

      - Keep warm or cold;

      - Max size: 2400*4200mm;

      - Can be clear glass curved or low e glass curved insulated customized;

      - Minimum radius: 600mm for tempered curved glass, no limit for hot curved glass customized according to your requirement.


      - Building interior decoration;

      - Outer glass wall;

      - Elevator, train window;

      - Furniture, freezer screen and electric products.


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