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    China Insulated Glass, Laminated Insulating Glass, Curved Insulated Glass, Triple Insulating Glass

    What is it?

    Insulating Glass is also called Insulated glass/ Hollow glass/ IGU/Double glazing glass/ Double glazed glass panel/ insulation glass and so on. It consists of two or more pieces of glass sheets and uses sealant gumming and aluminum or steel spacers which are filled with desiccant together. The hollow part is filled with dry air or inert gas with primary and secondary sealants. The double glazing glass usually is used with low e coating so that its energy-saving can be get the best effect. They are widely used for building curtain wall and windows as the functions of soundproof and energy conservation.

    Performance Features

    - Excellent in heat and sound insulation with inert gas;

    - Saving energy and environmental protection;

    - Eliminating the hoarfrost and dew effect;

    - High wind pressure strength;

    - Low dampness permeating rate;

    - Not easy to be self exploded;

    - Difficult to come off for coating layer.


    Insulating Glass is widely used for residence, hotel, office building, school, hospital, shopping mall and so on where the place needs air condition. And it also can be used for train, automobile, vessel, cabinet freezer and so on.

    - Window and door; 

    - Facades and curtain walls;

    - Interior partition;

    - Refrigerator.

    Quality Standard

    In accordance with EN1279 European insulating glass standard

    In accordance with ASTM E2190 American Standard

    In accordance with GB/T11944 Chinese Standard Insulating Glass

    Technical Data

    Product NameInsulating Glass
    Common total glass thickness5+9A+5mm; 6+12A+6mm; 6+16A+6mm; 8+12A+8mm; 8+16A+8mm; etc
    Glass thickness4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm,19mm
    Air/inert gas space width6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 19mm, 24mm
    SizeMax. Size3600mm * 18000mm
    Min. Size300mm * 300mm
    ColorNeutral, light blue, ford blue, dark blue, ocean blue, light gray, blue gray, light green, dark green, gold, bronze, etc
    shapeFlat and curved/bent insulated glass
    Quality StandardGB/T11944,   Chinese standard
    EN 1279,     European Standard
    ASTM E 2190, American standard
    TypesTempered insulating glass, laminated insulating glass, LOW E insulating glass, Color insulating glass, triple insulated glass, etc
    Inert gasArgon gas, etc
    Available glassPPG Guardian AGC Saint Gobain Low e glass, reflective glass, clear glass, Starphire low iron glass, colored glass and so on
    Available spacerSilver aluminum spacer, stainless steel, black warm spacer

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