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      Beijing Northglass Technologies Factory
      about northglass Company Introduction

      Beijing Northglass Technologies Co.Ltd (Beijing North Tech Glass Co.ltd) a leading glass supplier from Capital city Beijing of China, has been engaged in the research, development and production of building glass and furniture glass for 30 years.

      Product range includes: laminated glass, low e insulating glass, reflective glass, screen printed glass (enameled glass)…

      Why Choose Us
      Processed Glass
      Low E Bent Tempered Glass
      Reflective Bent Tempered Glass
      Clear Curved Tempered Glass
      Insulated Laminated Glass
      Curved Laminated Glass
      Tempered Laminated Glass
      Tempered Glass with Heat Soak Test
      Blue Green Gray Bronze Color Tempered Glass
      Clear Tempered Glass
      Curved Insulated Glass
      Self-clean Nano Coated Glass
      Float Glass
      Frosted Glass
      Sliver Mirror Glass
      Lacquered Glass
      LOW -E Coated GLASS






      Building glass is widely applied to curtain wall, windows, interior partition, spandrel, shower door, baluster and balcony etc....

      Interior Decoration
      Interior Decoration

      Decorative glass include satin glass, acid etched pattern glass, deep etched pattern glass, etched pattern mirror, pattern pain...


      Glass is widely used in outdoor appliance like handrail, balcony, skylight, bus stop, high way glass and so on. To make sure s...

      Fixture Glass
      Fixture Glass

      Fixture glass is so popular in our life and we can’t live without it. It is more widely used in home appliance glass (like ref...

      quick inquiry & contact us
      Beijing Northglass Technologies Co.Ltd

      Copyright ? Beijing Northglass Technologies Co.Ltd All Rights Reserved.

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