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      Self-clean Nano Coated Glass

      Self-clean Nano Coated Glass Self-clean Nano Coated Glass

      What is it?

      Self-clean nano coated glass, also called Easy-clean glass or Auto-clean glass, refers to a kind of glass that is easy to maintain a clean effect by its self. The way to realize it, is by applying a nano coating on it. 


      To eliminate the water dispensers, besmirch, organic cleaning agents contact with the surface of the glass directly, easy to clean.

      Effectively prevent the corrosion of aging, ultraviolet ray, bacterium moldproof, wear scratches etc

      Effectively prolong the service life and cleaning time.Keep the glass clean and bright.


      The kitchen door window glass

      Cars, yacht glass

      Building curtain wall

      Nano coated easy clean tempered glass shower door panel


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