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      Glass Brick, Building Glass Supplier in China

      What is it?

      Glass Block, also called glass brick, is a sound and heat insulation, waterproof, good decorative new generation of friendly building material to energy efficient environmental.

      We have 9 hollow glass block production lines imported from Germany, which can output annually 36 million hollow glass blocks with ten sizes, colors and hundreds of designs. We have perfect sales network with before sales in the course of sales-after sales service. Glass block like hollow glass can be with different color and different pattern. Our hollow glass block with high quality is the first choice among consumers. 

      Should any items you are interested in, please feel free to contact us, we will send offer per your request ASAP. 


      Glass block like hollow glass can be with different color and different pattern. Our glass block has different designs, like Cloudy, Parallel, Lattice, Coral, Water bubble, New moon, Diamond, Double star, Ice flower, etc.

      1)Sound insulating glass-block is one of the best sound insulating materials as a transparent material

      2)Glass block has good fire resistant and fireproof property

      3)The good head insulating property of glass-block plays an important role in avoiding frosting on your window


      Glass block is widely used in Residential & commercial buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, disco/dance hall, leisure centers, museums, hotels as decorative glass 

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