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      Monolithic Fire Proof Glass

      Monolithic Fire Proof Glass Monolithic Fire Proof Glass

      What is it?

      Monolithic Fire Proof Glass can also be called High strength monolithic cesium-k fire resistant glass/ monolithic fire rated glass/ tempered monolithic fire proof glass/ single panel fire proof glass and so on. It is single panel glass whose thickness can be from 4mm to 19mm. The monolithic fire proof glass has excellent performance to bear high strength and high temperature fire. This single panel fire proof glass can be processed to laminated glass, insulated glass and other processing such as edging, drilling holes and so on.


      - High transparency;

      - Wide usage;

      - Keep warm.

      Specification Range

      Max. Size: 2400mm×5000mm

      Min. Size: 200mmx300mm

      Thickness Range: 5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm, 12mm,15mm,18mm,19mm and so on

      Color: Clear, green, bronze, gray 

      ThicknessTypeIntegrity    (mins)GradeWeight (Kg/m2)

      Quality Standard

      In accordance with British Standard BS476 or China Standard GB15763.1 . 


      - Interior and exterior glazing

      - Modern curtain walls, doors and windows, etc.


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