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      Laminated Cuttable Fire Proof Glass

      Laminated Cuttable Fire Proof Glass Laminated Cuttable Fire Proof Glass

      What is it?

      Laminated Cuttable Fire Proof Glass is also known as laminated cuttable fire-resistant glass /laminated cuttable fire rated glass and so on. The laminated fire proof glass likes common laminated glass which is consisted of two or more layers of glass, but it is laminated by fire proof films or special materials. This fire resistant glass is able to be further cut or do other processing as you need because it’s not tempered laminated fire proof glass.


      - Can be processed as you need;

      - High transparency;

      - Wide usage;

      - Keep warm.

      Specification Range

      Max. Size: 1830mmx2440mm

      Min. Size: 100mmx100mm

      Thickness Range: 16mm, 22mm,23mm,28mm,30mm, 38mm, 42mm, 52mm and so on

      Color: Clear, green, bronze, gray 

      Quality Standards

      In accordance with British Standard BS746 and China Standard GB15763.1 .


      - Interior and exterior glazing

      - Cinema, bank, hospital, Library, Shopping malls, etc


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