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      Fire Proof Glass

      Fire Proof Glass Fire Proof Glass


      - Monolithic fire proof glass with elements cesium and kalium;

      - Laminated cuttable fire proof glass;

      - Uncuttable fire proof glass.

      We can supply different solutions to customer according to your requirements such as the time fireproof, size, quantity, cut or not and so on.

      Performance Features

      - Proof fire heating, insulate heat, proof sound;

      - Good smooth surface;

      - Different color and pattern;

      - High safe and strength performance;

      - Long durability time;

      - The fire resistant glass can be further processed into insulated glass units for better energy saving function.


      Fire Proof Glass is widely used in modern curtain walls, doors and windows to fulfill its outstanding safety advantage.

      - Entrance doors/windows;

      - Curtain walls for residential and commercial buildings;

      - Glass partition, safe exits; 

      - Interior and exterior glazing;

      - Cinema, bank, hospital, Library, Shopping malls, etc.

      Quality Standard

      In accordance with BS476 Part22 British Standard

      In accordance with GB15763.1 Chinese Standard

      Technical Data

      Product NameFire Proof Glass
      Glass thicknessThere are monolithic and complex panels such as 5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm, 12mm,15mm,16mm,18mm,19mm,20mm,22mm,23mm,28mm,30mm,    38mm, 42mm, 52mm and so on.
      SizeMax. Size2440mm * 1830mm
      Min. Size100mm * 100mm
      ColorClear, gray, green, bronze, etc
      shapeFlat and curved/bent
      TypeMonolithic fire proof glass, Laminated fire proof glass, Cut-able fire proof glass, Uncut-able fire proof glass, etc.
      StandardEI60,EI90,EI120 and so
      Time of fireproof30mins, 60mins, 90mins, 120mins, 180mins and so on.

      Specification Range

      ProductFire ResistantNormal ThicknessMax. Production Size of ConventionalCan be Cut
      NG EI303030162440*1830Yes
      NG EI606060222440*1830Yes
      NG EI909090382440*1220Yes
      NG EI120120120522440*1220Yes
      ProductFire ResistantNormal ThicknessMax .Production Size of ConventionalCan be Cut
      IntegrityLow Radiation
      NG EW303030162440*1830Yes
      NG EW606060222440*1830Yes


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