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      Q: What kind of certificate you have?

      A: Yes, no problem, our glass pass Australian CSI Certificates, United States IGCC certificates, European CE certificates and Chinese national certificates, Now we are working with customers in over 100 countries. Welcome you work with us.

      Q: Is there a warranty on my glass?

      A: Different type of glass, warranty period is different, we can provide warranty of quality within 10 years for insulated ,tempered and laminated glass, 5 years warranty of appearance for laminated glass since the shipment date of the product.

      Q: What is the maximum size of glass you can produce?

      A: Northglass have biggest tempered surface in China, so we can provide biggest size upon your demand.

      Maximum size is 3600x18000mm, Min.Size is 300x300mm, thickness :range is 4-19mm.

      If you have project need we quote, please contact us right now.

      Q: What types of edge work can I order?

      A: Most curtain wall project have demand for glass edge, Northglass can provide options when it comes to glass edge work. The types of edge work are summarised in the below:

      Type of glass edge workDescriptionsRecommed ApplicationPhotos
      Seamed edgeSafety to handle but is not decorativeGeneral glazing concealed edges 
      Normal polished edgeMachine polished edgeExposed edges and furiture
      Shinning/bright polished edgePerfect edge,bright edgeExposed edges and furiture
      Pencil edgePolished use special machineExposed edges,such as table, shelves

      In addition, there are special edges work available, such as chamfer edge, bevel edge,double bevel edge,Ogee bevel edge,water fall edge,miter edge and so on. Please feel free to contact Northglass for more edge work details.

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