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      Digital Printing Glass, Digital Printed Glass Manufacturer & Exporter

      What is it?

      Digital printing Glass is also known as digital printed tempered glass/ ceramic printed glass/ Digital Ceramic glass/Multi-color printed glass/ Decorative colored stained glass and so on.

      The digital printing technology is a complete solution consisting of high-precision digital glass printers, long-lasting and vibrant ceramic inks. It can print almost any images onto glass and demonstrate the different designs and applications possible with digital ceramic in-glass printing. 

      The permanent products are created by applying ceramic inks on the glass surface and then fired in a furnace to encapsulate for the life of the glass.

      Performance Features

      - No limitation of color and images;

      - High precision, 720dpi;

      - High color stability, durable and without color fading;

      - Easy adjustable transmittance;

      - Safety glass with tempered glass desirable properties;

      - Effective in providing solar shading.


      Digital Printing Glass is widely used in Architectural interior and exterior decoration, glass furniture and electronic glass products and so on.

      - Window and door; 

      - Furniture decoration;   

      - Glass splash-backs;

      - Display wall interior.

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