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      Curved Glass, Hot Curved Glass, Low E Bent Tempered Glass, Reflective Bent Tempered Glass, Clear Curved Tempered Glass

      Curved tempered glass also called bent tempered glass. It represents the future trend in construction and facade materials and has seen rapid growth in worldwide demand.

      What is it?

      Bent tempered glass for curtain wall adopts the similar process with tempered glass, but before the cooling process, using the external power bent the glass to a proper radian according the requirement, its wind pressure resistance is better than flat tempered glass and other kinds glass for the special shape. It widely use in esthetics architecture field for the beautiful appearance.


      Safety performance: Glass will appearance hurtless obtuse angles when breakage.

      Strength performance: Four times more than ordinary glass.

      Heat stability: Three times more than ordinary glass, could bear the temperature change about 200 °C.


      Handrails and Spiral Staircases

      Commercial/Residential Windows

      Curtain Walls and Storefronts, etc.


      We can provide bending glass according to customers’ requirements

      Max. Size: 5000mm*3660mm

      Min. Size: 100mm*100mm

      Min. Radius: 450mm

      Thickness Range: 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm 25mm

      Quality Standard:

      In accordance with ASTM C1464-00 Standard for curved /bent glass.

      Pass Chinese Safety Glass Compulsory Certification (CCC), CSI.

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