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    Splash back glass

    Splash back glass Splash back glass

    What is it?

    Glass splashbacks are usually using for kitchen that is easy cleaning and beautiful. It is a kind of back painted glass that can be low iron ultra clear glass or clear glass. Many colors are available upon your request. The paint we use is top quality here in China that warantee a minimum 5 years' guarantee or even 10 years. Splash back painted glass needs to be toughened to meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS2208 - Safety glazing materials for use in buildings where cutouts and notches are called for - or if the splash back is going to be installed behind a heat source like a cook top. Toughened glass should carry an AS2208 label, and glass splash backs need to be a minimum of 6mm toughened glass.

    Splashbacks for hot water or appliance areas need to be be accompanied by a letter from an architect, designer, glass supplier or glass manufacturer that states that the splashback is fit for the purpose for which it's been designed - and the surface of the wall needs to be heat proofed in accordance with the relevant building code requirements.

    Colors and styles:

    Glass splashbacks are available in a variety of different colors and styles. The two main forms of coloring the glass are:

    Ceramic frit, in which ceramic paint is screen-painted onto the glass and then baked on during the toughening process.

    Applied two pack urethane, which is usually spray-painted onto pre-toughened glass and then either air-dried or baked on.


    Widely used in the furniture, kitchen, bars, bathroom ,curtain wall, electronics, and products.

    Quality Standard:

    AS/NZS2208:1996(AU); BS6206(UK); EN12150(EU)


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