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      Clear Float Glass

      Clear Float Glass Clear Float Glass

      What is it?

      Clear Float Glass is a glass plate manufactured by floating the molten glass on molten tin layer. This method gives the glass uniform thickness and very flat surface, making it more glass used in construction. 


      1. Offers a high level of light transmittance. 

      2. High light transmittance, excellent optical performance.

      3. Smooth and flat surface, visible flaw is controlled strictly


      Construction, mirror plate, furniture, decoration optical equipment, 

      Vehicle, architecture, mirrors, automobiles etc.



      Regular size: 194x610mm, 914x1220mm, 2440x1830mm, 3300x2140mm,

      3300x2440mm, 3660x2140mm, 3660x2440mm

      Complete range of size: The float glass can meet the requirement of large area lighting

      Surface: Smooth and flat surface and good vision

      Edge: Flat edge, grind edge, fine polished edge, beveled edge and others

      Corner: Natural corner, grind corner, round corner with fine polished

      Quality Standard:

      In accordance with GB11614; BS EN572-2 European standard; ASTM C 1036 USA standard

      Download Clear Float Glass performance data sheet (PDF file)


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