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      Bullet Proof Glass

      Bullet Proof Glass Bullet Proof Glass


      Bullet Proof Glass is widely used for the wall of bank, shopping mall, office building of VIP politicians and embassy, prison, museum and shopping mall. It can also be used for bubble car, armor cash carrier, screen of computer and so on. It’s the protective divinity of life and precious property.

      - Window and door;      

      - Facades and curtain walls;   

      - Jewelry and bank counter;

      - Screen of precious.

      Quality Standard

      In accordance with GA165FJ79 Chinese standard;

      In accordance with USA Standard;

      In accordance with Europe B6 .

      Technical Data

      Product NameLaminated Bullet proof Glass
      Interlayer thickness0.38mm,0.76mm,1.14mm,1.52mm,1.9mm, 2.28mm.etc
      ColorClear, Ultra clear, Grey, Bronze, Blue, Green etc.
      Glass thickness7-75mm
      SizeMax. Size2440mm * 7000mm
      Min. Size100mm * 100mm
      TypeAll glass structure bullet proof glass, composite bullet proof glass of glass and polycarbonate , one-way bullet proof glass, etc
      StandardsGA165-79 standard. / USA standard. / Europe standard.

      Sample thickness and areal densities for bullet proof glass materials
      Thickness of bullet proof glassSurface densityBulletproof and anti-fragment PerformanceTransparency
      13mm25kg/sqm51 type bullet, high speed chips80%
      18mm35kg/sqm51 type bullet&#8805; 70%
      30mm63kg/sqm7.62*39mm MSC
      35mm75kg/sqm7.62*54mm MSC60~70%
      40mm88kg/sqm7.62*39mm MSC multiple shots
      45mm95kg/sqm5.8mm MSC
      60mm125kg/sqm7.62*39mm API
      70mm150kg/sqm7.62*39mm API

      The pictures shows

      It’s the test for 17mm of 4piece all glass bullet proof glass at minus 20 degrees centigrade (the surrounding is ice).

      The composite bullet proof glass of glass and polycarbonate can get the F79 bullet-proof at room temperature, but it has no that function at minus 20 degrees centigrade.


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