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      Bullet Proof Glass Factory in China

      What is it?

      Bullet Proof Glass is also known as Bullet Resistant Glass/anti-bullet glass/safe glass/Armored Glass/Ballistic Glass/Transparent Armor and so on. It’s a type of strong but optically transparent glass which is particularly resistant to being penetrated when struck. Bullet Proof Glass is made of a combination of two or more types of glass. And it’s constructed using polycarbonate, thermoplastic and layers of laminated glass.

      All of our Bullet proof Glass are made in accordance with the Standard GA165-1997 and certified by technical experts of the National Public Security Ministry Shanghai Inspection Centers.

      Performance Features:

      - Safety bullet proof;

      - Anti low temperature;

      - Guard against theft, anti-explosion;

      - Against typhoon;

      - Strong capability to withstand larger bomb explosion shock lading;

      - High safety. The bullets melted in the surface of glass and no splash shatter on the back after shooting, so it protect the safety of the glass-housed crowds;

      - Successfully proof the shooting at 10m of 79-type Micro-SMG, 7.62mm steel core ammunition, AK74-type auto, rifle and so on.

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